Wednesday, September 8, 2010

sincere from my heart..

i miss you when i look at your picture..
that's true..
i cant lie..
more you text..
more you call..
more you make me laugh..
more you make me cry..
more you make me angry..
and more you 3g or webcam with me..
make me fallin in ♥..

although you far from me..
although we havent meet for long period..
i guess it more better coz i can learn to be independent gal..
and more i realize that you are important..
and i surely confrim with my decision that you are the one that i need..
a man which i guess can guide me..
can protect me..
although not now but maybe in future..
i know now it too early to say all this things..
but this is what i feel..
everyone have their own dream..
same goes to me..
yup,i put too high hope on you..
and i know i'm the only one who think about this..
coz i ♥ you..
day by day i keep asking myself..
what endup this relationship going to be??..
ofcourse i want positive answer from you..
but i cant push you..
i know..
as a gal sure i want status that can confrim me 110% that yours is mine..
try to understand me..
think about future..
i know you can think better than me.
you say that you dont wanna repeat the same mistake or past experience you make..
but until when??..
or should i wait until the day u left me alone???..
sory i'm too emotional..
but i'm try to be cool not relaks..
past is past...
we cant life with our past memories...
everything can be change..
it's all depends on our hand..
we the one who can make decision..
so renung-renungkan..

anyway,i miss you ahmad ridhwan..
keep calling me coz ur picture will appear in my hp screen..
i love it..
and i love you..
sory for this post..
i dont mean to get attention from you..
but this all sincere from my heart..

salam aidilfitri from me to all of you...

p/s:to anyone who read this please keep silent..
better be silent rather than busyboody..
and you 'mr.right'..
me ♥♥ you..
rite now no one can replace you from my heart..

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