Tuesday, December 14, 2010

self learning..

i never thankful what GOD already give me..
and i never appreciate benda didepan mata..
once i started to think back suddenly i feel regret..
honestly if time can be reverse..
i wish i'll be more thankful..=(
now i started to learn how to be a loyal gf..
because of this saying "what you giv
e you get back"..

a few day ago i just foun
d some picca..
that bring back 3years ago memory..
because of this picca make my emotional x stabil..=(
i feel a little bit sad and i wish to be in that memory again..
seriously i miss kelantaness..
i want to go there..
meet my friends and visit my previou
s campus..
flashback all the moments during my diploma time..
but i know mak&abah xkan bg =(..

old picca*
2year and half relationship

life must go on..
yet i already found a new guy..
i swear this time i'll be more thankful..
i wont repeat the same mistake..
ahmad ridhwan please be nice ea..
i promise to be a good gf..
hope u pun sama..
i wont make u regret for knowing me..


Christmas eve!!!
i just hear this song at youtube..
eventhough i'm not celebrating this eve but we are 1malaysia rite..
so xslhkan =)

i'm truly in love with this guy..
i know it sound annoyed but this is it..
But love is blind, and lovers cannot see
The pretty follies that themselves commit.


Sunday, December 12, 2010

omg it 13.12.2010

dup dap dup dap

tik tok tik tok..

omg..OMG..it already 13.12.2010


thaknyou for all your love


Saturday, December 11, 2010

letter to chenta sy..

to: chenta sy

just left only one more day we officially goin to 6months anniversary..
i'm glad to have u as my boyfriend and thankyou bcoz still stand here with me although i'm imperfect compare to others girls..
i know sometimes i'm too emotional and always wanted u to follow my right without bother ur feeling..
mengamuk,melenting,campak2 brg,menanges,merajuk evething la yg -ve..
sorry i didnt mean to be like that..
be with u i feel more childish bcoz i know u the only one who pamper me..
6moths been together was a hard circumstances u&me to face it..
there's a lots of 'perang mulut'..
ok,i like to bring out the issues about u didnt purpose me as ur girlfriend but it doesnt matter now..
i dont even care now bcoz the important things u always be by my side and i am very comfortable when u hug me..=(
thanks ngai for being such a great lover for me..
i want to be with u until the end of my life and wish to be ur friend,girlfriend and wife(future)..no regret okies..

several things make me love u..
  • u never forget to call me( early in the morning and infrom all ur activities, call me every hours just to ask what i am doing)
  • willingness to visit me during holiday eventhough puncak alam is far away
  • spend money for breakfast,teatime,luch and supper(esp kotak merah sy)
  • care about my feeling(control my jealousy =) )
  • accompany me all the time 24hours i guess..
  • be nice toward my families
  • ur reminder that i will received every saturday..
  • many more that i cant write here..u know more rite..
  • song for
from: syeerabeano


akad nikah..
mohd natashah norizan & allin
ie mirna malek..

welcome to my families..

my new baby kitten..
actually i got 4 babies kitten but chocky is the most i ‌..
ome home chocky..

Sunday, December 5, 2010


"5month 3weeks 1day..
love, laugh, joy, sad, happy, cry, fighting"


p/s:gudnite syg..love u..
cant wait to meet u tomorrow =(

from the bottom of my broken heart

Sad Quotes

today i would like to share some sad story about a man who i think i been knowing him almost 6month and I'm truly like, love and care about him. i can accept him as who he is without see bad attitude in his self. because i know one day he will change and left all the nonsense things. but will he do the same thing as i do for him? .yes i know he spend so much time for me, try to be a good man with all responsibility he should have as a boyfriend and a person who i feel safe to be with but after day by day i think all this lovely feeling will disappear. we had small argument this evening about my stupid joke and he simply say that he will hate a gurl who like to distroy her things during fighting and he will do the same thing to me. he say without care about my feeling. because of stupid things he will hate me? .oh my gosh . what we been thru during this 5month bring nothing to you? .every time we have some fight and argument you always mention that we are not meant to be together. did you realize that i will do anything to save our relationship? . I'm the one who will apologise although it's no my faults. I'm the one who will call and persuade for forgiveness. I'm the one who will cry to get your sympathy. did you notice all this?. pretending? you mad because of this word? .pretend that you love me? .if you really do ofcourse you wont say like that .wont say that from the 1st time we met i already push you to do something you wont . this is not a time for us to complaining our bad .at this stage we need to find solution to recover the problem .agains sorry sayang for my bad .i love u .i care because i love u .keep this word in your mind .if u read this please text me syg .as i say no matter what happen i always give you forgiveness..will you do the same? .sorry =(

last night msg from me .
"i love u..i love u so much..suddenly i nk ckp mcm ni..i xde pape nk bg kat u just syg i ni je la.."

Sad Quotes

Sad Quotes

past time =)

siti khalifah my 1st bff..
she's a person who i can trust and will help me in any condition..
luckly i manage to grad on time same as her..

my 2nd bff is elianie..she's my sister who also be by my side during bad and good..

i miss all the moment during my diploma time at uitm machang kelantan..
if time can be turn back i wish i can be there and enjoy my happily time..