Tuesday, December 14, 2010

self learning..

i never thankful what GOD already give me..
and i never appreciate benda didepan mata..
once i started to think back suddenly i feel regret..
honestly if time can be reverse..
i wish i'll be more thankful..=(
now i started to learn how to be a loyal gf..
because of this saying "what you giv
e you get back"..

a few day ago i just foun
d some picca..
that bring back 3years ago memory..
because of this picca make my emotional x stabil..=(
i feel a little bit sad and i wish to be in that memory again..
seriously i miss kelantaness..
i want to go there..
meet my friends and visit my previou
s campus..
flashback all the moments during my diploma time..
but i know mak&abah xkan bg =(..

old picca*
2year and half relationship

life must go on..
yet i already found a new guy..
i swear this time i'll be more thankful..
i wont repeat the same mistake..
ahmad ridhwan please be nice ea..
i promise to be a good gf..
hope u pun sama..
i wont make u regret for knowing me..

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