Friday, July 30, 2010

i did it again..

yes for 3rd times i did it again..
now,i'm alone..without phone call either sms..
this is what i get because of my stupid i am???...thankss...
is it my fault???..yes or no????..ofcourse la yes..
i do feel jealous when my guy keep talking about others gurls...what should i do????..any suggestion???...i'm blurrr..
is it because i'm not pretty enough meh he's must chatting about other gurls???..
or i should keep silent n let it be???..ok just forget it..
this is faith..
i'm thankfull for knowing you..but in da same time i easly get hurt because of you..can u notice that???...
yes i love to laugh n smile...but inside only GOD know how hurt i am because of u..yes i put 100% my love for you..did you realize about it???...absolutely not..yup i am right..
every nite i keep thinking what will happen when someday you find other gurl who much more better than me..i'll be alone or would you stay with me????..
curang????....hate it..i will not do this to you because i've been doing this for many time and i already get my punishment....
nonsense????...i also promise that i will not do all da nonsense thing..
night walk..i promise to you last nite was da lastday i do..sory..
no more contact with stranger.....i do love to flirt with anyone..but i do change my attitude..just for you..
please show me your love and care...i cant see it..seriously..why???? it because of there was no love for me???...i'm too scared n sad..i need you..i guess u know..
i do make mistake..i just need ur forgiveness...sory...
will you be my other half???...

♥letter :
again i'm waiting for your call...i miss to hear your voice..and all i can say "sorry".. i'm too childish and egoistic..selfish..i'm not kind to be with you...i'm not perfect..but honestly i ♥ are my happiness.....thankyou ngai~

Friday, July 23, 2010

23072010 =)...superb!!!...

~as we plan,lastnite we all went to pyramid to watch, yayunk, apong, reena, lala & ijat(pembuli)...supposely we plan to watch streetdance but because of me xsempat la nk sampai pyramid 2 on da t ime..lastnite i have to pickup my sis back from class..but her lect finish up da class by i pun tggu ngan hampa..yg lain dah get ready kat my flat & i feel guilty because they wait 20 minutes on da car..but yayunk xmarah i and he's still wat muka 'cool'..=) that y ily..syg kamu ketat2..awk xpenah marah & ikut je la...
~ok lastnite also i fight with my sis...huh~~~..everything i do smua xkena..FULLSTOP..
~at da sametime i feel guilty because of during 6days my yayunk was not here i meet another men thru fb..see fb again..blah..blah...i think he like me..but as i told him i already have my "boy"..eventhough tiada istilah declare...but ahmad ridhwan is mine..huhu..(biar la syok sendiri pon..blueeekkkkk!!)..i'm yours n you r mine..

~ xdpt tgk streetdance we all tgk ong bak..huhu..horrible sgt cite ni..sampaikan yayunk siku dagu i..bodoh..actually byk sgt movie nk tgk..eclipse pon xtgk lg..predator..inception..despicable me(u i nk tgk yg ni..nak..nak..nak..)..plan je lbh tp x tgk2..sampaikan "dia" ckp i ni byk sgt plan rupanya nk wat..=)
~list yg i wanted to do wit him:
1.snap sticker pic
2.playing bicycle kat b.cerakah..

4.teluk cempedak..
5.nk mkn cornetto mini ngan u sambil tgk eclipse
6.stay forever in ur heart..=)
7.ada byk lg tp xingat..
~lastly,i always think that he's never care about me..doesnt feel jealous when somebody try to be close with me..i wanted to ask him face to face but i'm too shy...and last 2 day i ask him about this matter thru sms..and da answer is..
him= u,i mmg jenis xkongkong n i trust u...kalau u nk buat jahat pun u blh fikirkan akibat die'...simple kan?????...
me= reason yg blh diterima..akibat maksudnya???'?..
him= kalau u kantoi dgn i la kuar dgn laki

me= let say if i kantoi pe je impactnya???
him= i da xjumpa u lg la..
conclusion,love is about trust.

~thankyou sbb ngedate ngan i semlm...i really appreciate every single thing u do to make me happy and =)..eventhough supposely u should go back to seremban but u be able to fulfill my wish to watch movie...n not forgotten thankyou for accompany me during lunch and suppertime..i cant imagine next year what will happen if we a far away..=(


Wednesday, July 21, 2010


stress,tension,exhausted,happy,sad n lastly crying = life.. anything happen for a reason so we need to enjoy our life eventhough ii might hurt us 1 day...ok,since he's already back i spend all my time with him..accept when i fasting..there are some problem that make me confused and need someone to talk..and i more mish him when his been there (bali) rather than he's here..i dunno why...stupiddddd...gagaga

p/s: to him ILY..and dont left me until i decide to left u first..(kidding =) )...stay with me because i really need u..i meant it..thankyou..

i would like to share with you some photo that not be upload at fb : taaadaaaaa!!!!!

Thursday, July 15, 2010


ok i manage to handle myself when he's not here..ofcourse sometimes i feel lonely and when i start to think about him i use to cry...i only have him in my life..he's my friend..partner..soul..lover and everything..let me listed what i'm doing start the first day he go until now...
  1. finish up my puasa ganti..going to class ctu at 12.30..and after that PD..pretend everything was ok..enjoy every moment in the class..n today he's left me alone..huhu...sgt2 boring!!!!...after class came back home n wacthing "ilusi" as usual..berbuka puasa with sab..i eat my favourite food nasi goreng ayam paprik..waiting him to text me..and alhamdulillah as he promise to me..once a day he will text me...thankfull..i manage to do notes for staffing..chapter 1...
  2. continue puasa.....=D..wake up at 9 o'clock..ready for my 1st class today at 10.30..class madam asyikin..she was really funny and like to scold us by saying that we all like "mak nenek"..gagaga..talking non me and sab plan to buy nasi lemak kat pasar malam..i get gastrik after eating my food and that nite i sleep early..i miss ahmad ridhwan so much..i feel really happy went received his text..GOD please protect him..thats all i can do..='(
  3. lastday puasa..hehe..atlast i get to replace 3 days my's was great...that was my strategy for preparation before bulan usual i go to every class as my muncit remind me before he go to bali...i settle all my registration course n seek for lecture marketing..i try my best to help him by added his cdt hours but i fail it..i'm such a loser ='(...lecturer 2 lost in action..mane je la dia g..i keep counting hours..n waiting for this sunday...yeahhhh!!!'s only 3day left..gagaga..i miss you...i miss you..i miss you...i miss you..i miss you...i miss you.....i miss you..
  4. to be continue tomorrow....

Monday, July 5, 2010

knight and day..04.07.2010

ngedate...hehe...if nk ckp ngedate pon x sbb everyday is ngedate day for me..i lupa nk mintak tiket movie 2 nk wat collection..huhu...

today i wat 1 mistake yg i rasa i bodoh sgt..i g 'halau' my muncit ngan xde reason nya..i lepaskan marah kat dia...i really2 sory....sometimes i slalu wat benda ngan xpk..bodohnya i by day i start syg my muncit...n i tkt if 1 day i akan lost dia..sbb dah jd lumrah bile i syg org,org 2 akan tggalkan i..n i ni sape je la dia nk suka..xcantik pon..n setahu i ex gf dia smuanya cantik..n i ni as my muncit slalu ckp 'gemuk'..pelampung byk sgt kat bdn ='(...ok i admit..sory sgt2..n 1 kelemahan i,i xreti nk luahkan pe yg i rasa..mcm tgk movie just now my muncit on da phone ngan sape ntah..i nk tanya tp i xnk dia tau i jealous..padahal dlm ati mmg i ragu2..forget about it..nonsence kan i ni...n da best moment when he said 'i love u' to me..

to: mr AR
sy nor syahira norizan sgt suka kat awk...hopefully awk tau n xkisah if awk xsuka sy tp sy ttp suka awk..biar la awk nk mainkan sy tp sy nk awk tau sy xkisah suka duduk berkepit ngan awk 24 hours biar pon awk sibuk ngan dota awk 2..n sy sanggup tggu awk text n call sy...please remain da same person as i know u now..n sy sedih nati 1 week awk xde g bali..sape je nk temankan sy..sape je nk call n lyn akan sorang2..='(...


1st in my life someone give me candy..i xsuka benda yg mcm gurl so bile dpt mmg malu my muncit thankyou so much for giving me this candy..i really happy..only God know how much i heart u syg..
so this song i dedicated to ahmad ridhwan ssunaibari..=D

mandy moore- candy

I'm so addicted
To the lovin that you're feeding to me
Can't do without it
This feeling's got me weak in the knees
Body's in withdrawal
Everytime you take it away
Can't you hear me callin'
Begging you to come out and play?

So baby come to me
Show me who you are
Sweet to me
Like sugar to my heart
I'm cravin' for you
I'm missin' you like candy

Sweet, sweet lovin'
Got me going to the extreme
Won't go without it
This vibe has got a hold on me
Satisfying, baby
Let me show you what I'm made of
No doubt about it boy
Got me feeling crazy
Can't get enough

Baby, baby, baby, won't you come to me
Show me who you are
Sweet to me
Like sugar to my heart
I'm cravin' for you
I'm missin' you like candy


You know who you are
Your love's as sweet as candy
I'll be forever yours
Love always, Mandy

Boy I'm cravin'
Missin' you like candy

port dickson

it's time to update my i said 3rd of july i'm with my family went to P.D..jeng...jeng..jeng...really enjoy n great being there bcoz it's a long time i x spend my time ngan abah dan mak..i pon dah lama xbalik melaka..last skali i balik umah atuk time raya..on that day abah sibuk ngan rambutan n durian dia..huhu...malangnya i xsuka sgt durian..

1st pic of us...but i spoil it..gagaga..anyway i really appreciate that u came n meet me..~i heart u~

Friday, July 2, 2010


ok today mood nk ckp pasal rambut..while i writting i also listening to da same song like yesterday...huhu..bongok kan ='(...i wake up early today bcoz sab said ibu merajuk...nk tau sbb pe???? and sab already promise nk temankan ibu g damansara beli usual i la yg akan lambat bgn...dah 2 hari sab kemaskan katil for me..i bgn2 tros g toilet mandi sbb i nk set my hair dlu so take time...i xde mood ngan rambut skrang..xtau asal..rasa mcm pyh nk jaga..n today i already wash my hair twice...gilekan???...xlama lg botak la..parents i dah bising ngan i..i spend most of my money kat rambut..huhu..this month i calculate dah rm400 lbh..mcm la dah keje..padahal student lg..rambut pon xcantik2 gak..uwwwaaaaaaaa!!!!!! i mention yesterday today i g beli something for my hair..tadaaaa...=)

before balik i sempat paw sab air..gagaga..singgah tesco setia alam beli cool blog..yumyum sgt sedap!!!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

mode; repeat da same song until midnite..CINTA TERAKHIR by AIMAn

Kau cinta pertamaku Kau cinta terakhirku Tiada apa yang bisa Menafikan cinta kita Kau ayu di mataku Satu antara seribu Tiada tara di dunia C/o: Mungkin kan terputus di tengah jalan Mungkin kan terlerai tanpa ikatan Usah ragu dengan takdir Mungkin kita kan berbeza haluan Berakhirnya cerita percintaan Segalanya takdir dari Tuhan

p/s: lagu ni m'ingatkan i kat DIA..thanks for being such a good lover to me..damn,i hate u!!!...i hate this pic.... i'm da loser!!!

1st july 2010..

'budak gemukkk'

happy 1st july to all...hehe..excited plak dah msk bulan july..sekejap je masa berlalu..ok, i hope this month will bring more happiness to me and my me, ibu and sab g IKEA..i xsuka actually g ntah la ikut kan saje diaorg..i xcukup tido..i xtau asal i pyh nk tido..yesterday i tido kul 4..maybe i dah slalu tido lambt so bile kat umah family i kena tido awal...hoho...reason yg xmsk akalkan..=)..i period today..n bdn i lenguh2..migrain lg..n i miss my muncitttt...i'm so glad that he'll call me everytime he went out..or doing something...thankyou muncit..u are so sweet..actually i xmengharapkan pape pun kat dia..sbb br kenal n anything will be happen...'ya Allah,tlh permudahkan hidup hambamu ni'..amin!!!!!..i also miss my friend bella..huhu..bile tgk pic kat hp teringat plak time keje..dah nk setahun dah kitaorg kwn..dia sgt gile and sgt u dude!!..rite now i pening bile tgk my hair..i br je perm monday ari i xtau nk jaga mcm mane..dah mcm muncittt xtgk lg..xtau la nati dia comment pe...~like i care..duh!!!!~...tomorrow i mesti kuar utk beli new serum bg m'handlekan my hair..i'm going to PD 3rd july ni..have fun before i get busy with my class ='(..

menu for today..

sab bought from ikea..

meet my friend bella..