Friday, July 30, 2010

i did it again..

yes for 3rd times i did it again..
now,i'm alone..without phone call either sms..
this is what i get because of my stupid i am???...thankss...
is it my fault???..yes or no????..ofcourse la yes..
i do feel jealous when my guy keep talking about others gurls...what should i do????..any suggestion???...i'm blurrr..
is it because i'm not pretty enough meh he's must chatting about other gurls???..
or i should keep silent n let it be???..ok just forget it..
this is faith..
i'm thankfull for knowing you..but in da same time i easly get hurt because of you..can u notice that???...
yes i love to laugh n smile...but inside only GOD know how hurt i am because of u..yes i put 100% my love for you..did you realize about it???...absolutely not..yup i am right..
every nite i keep thinking what will happen when someday you find other gurl who much more better than me..i'll be alone or would you stay with me????..
curang????....hate it..i will not do this to you because i've been doing this for many time and i already get my punishment....
nonsense????...i also promise that i will not do all da nonsense thing..
night walk..i promise to you last nite was da lastday i do..sory..
no more contact with stranger.....i do love to flirt with anyone..but i do change my attitude..just for you..
please show me your love and care...i cant see it..seriously..why???? it because of there was no love for me???...i'm too scared n sad..i need you..i guess u know..
i do make mistake..i just need ur forgiveness...sory...
will you be my other half???...

♥letter :
again i'm waiting for your call...i miss to hear your voice..and all i can say "sorry".. i'm too childish and egoistic..selfish..i'm not kind to be with you...i'm not perfect..but honestly i ♥ are my happiness.....thankyou ngai~

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