Friday, July 23, 2010

23072010 =)...superb!!!...

~as we plan,lastnite we all went to pyramid to watch, yayunk, apong, reena, lala & ijat(pembuli)...supposely we plan to watch streetdance but because of me xsempat la nk sampai pyramid 2 on da t ime..lastnite i have to pickup my sis back from class..but her lect finish up da class by i pun tggu ngan hampa..yg lain dah get ready kat my flat & i feel guilty because they wait 20 minutes on da car..but yayunk xmarah i and he's still wat muka 'cool'..=) that y ily..syg kamu ketat2..awk xpenah marah & ikut je la...
~ok lastnite also i fight with my sis...huh~~~..everything i do smua xkena..FULLSTOP..
~at da sametime i feel guilty because of during 6days my yayunk was not here i meet another men thru fb..see fb again..blah..blah...i think he like me..but as i told him i already have my "boy"..eventhough tiada istilah declare...but ahmad ridhwan is mine..huhu..(biar la syok sendiri pon..blueeekkkkk!!)..i'm yours n you r mine..

~ xdpt tgk streetdance we all tgk ong bak..huhu..horrible sgt cite ni..sampaikan yayunk siku dagu i..bodoh..actually byk sgt movie nk tgk..eclipse pon xtgk lg..predator..inception..despicable me(u i nk tgk yg ni..nak..nak..nak..)..plan je lbh tp x tgk2..sampaikan "dia" ckp i ni byk sgt plan rupanya nk wat..=)
~list yg i wanted to do wit him:
1.snap sticker pic
2.playing bicycle kat b.cerakah..

4.teluk cempedak..
5.nk mkn cornetto mini ngan u sambil tgk eclipse
6.stay forever in ur heart..=)
7.ada byk lg tp xingat..
~lastly,i always think that he's never care about me..doesnt feel jealous when somebody try to be close with me..i wanted to ask him face to face but i'm too shy...and last 2 day i ask him about this matter thru sms..and da answer is..
him= u,i mmg jenis xkongkong n i trust u...kalau u nk buat jahat pun u blh fikirkan akibat die'...simple kan?????...
me= reason yg blh diterima..akibat maksudnya???'?..
him= kalau u kantoi dgn i la kuar dgn laki

me= let say if i kantoi pe je impactnya???
him= i da xjumpa u lg la..
conclusion,love is about trust.

~thankyou sbb ngedate ngan i semlm...i really appreciate every single thing u do to make me happy and =)..eventhough supposely u should go back to seremban but u be able to fulfill my wish to watch movie...n not forgotten thankyou for accompany me during lunch and suppertime..i cant imagine next year what will happen if we a far away..=(


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