Saturday, December 11, 2010

letter to chenta sy..

to: chenta sy

just left only one more day we officially goin to 6months anniversary..
i'm glad to have u as my boyfriend and thankyou bcoz still stand here with me although i'm imperfect compare to others girls..
i know sometimes i'm too emotional and always wanted u to follow my right without bother ur feeling..
mengamuk,melenting,campak2 brg,menanges,merajuk evething la yg -ve..
sorry i didnt mean to be like that..
be with u i feel more childish bcoz i know u the only one who pamper me..
6moths been together was a hard circumstances u&me to face it..
there's a lots of 'perang mulut'..
ok,i like to bring out the issues about u didnt purpose me as ur girlfriend but it doesnt matter now..
i dont even care now bcoz the important things u always be by my side and i am very comfortable when u hug me..=(
thanks ngai for being such a great lover for me..
i want to be with u until the end of my life and wish to be ur friend,girlfriend and wife(future) regret okies..

several things make me love u..
  • u never forget to call me( early in the morning and infrom all ur activities, call me every hours just to ask what i am doing)
  • willingness to visit me during holiday eventhough puncak alam is far away
  • spend money for breakfast,teatime,luch and supper(esp kotak merah sy)
  • care about my feeling(control my jealousy =) )
  • accompany me all the time 24hours i guess..
  • be nice toward my families
  • ur reminder that i will received every saturday..
  • many more that i cant write here..u know more rite..
  • song for
from: syeerabeano

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