Friday, September 3, 2010

nk reminder...nk..nk..nk...

huhu,i miss my reminder..

just now while driving i feel like something missing..
i keep thingking..thinking..thinking..
and i get it..

my reminder..

first time receiving the text i was laughing...

yet rite now i miss to read my reminder..
just realize how funny he is..

although he said he do to all his EX but never mind..
just ignore the statement..

start today and so on he will be mine..

i will prove it..

maybe 1 day..
gagaga.. i just renew my simcard..
so i can call and text him anythime i want..
hip hip hooorey!!!..

maybe i'm to scared to lostING you..
yes,i admit..
every hours when i'm not received your call my heart beat faster..

i should not think negative things..
but i need to beware
what shoukd i do??..

i not perfect..
yet i'm not pretty..
but this is me..
i hope this relationship will lasting forever because to love someone wasnt easy..
blame myself for all the reason was really hurt..
i dont want to feel it again..

to him:
if u think to left me, just do it now..
dont let until a long period to go..
i might be a crazy person if suddenly u left..
ofcourse my family will laughing at me..
i try to be good as u wish..
but take time..
both u and me stubborn..
so forgive me if i always make trouble..
shouting and high my voice when we argue..
i knoe that sound like rude but i cant control myself..
i cant lost u..
coz i need u..
to guide me..
to protect me..
to love and care me..
do appreciate all the love that already build up starting

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