Wednesday, September 1, 2010

merdeka and welcome september..

31ST AUGUST date which i had much fun when celebrating it with my love ones and friends.. thankyou..

pejam celik dah masuk bulan september..
berapa bulan je lg nk final..

dan lg berapa hari nak raya..YIPPIE..
and the most important dah 3month saya kenal ngai..
midterm will begin in a few day starting from this date...
which means i have a few day to spend my time with him before balik kg..
2 weeks holiday..
it's not enough dude..
ni pon lect dah start inform pasal 2nd test..
so phm2 la while celebrating hari raya kena la bwk balik buku..

GROWN UP MOVIE..Bad day today..
i lost my hp..
really sad..
but it all my fault sbb lalai..
syahira please wake up!!!
beside bad day this is really funny and enjoyfull movie u all should watch it..
actually we planned to watch piranha..
but the movie have been delay to next day..
i want my hp bad..
hopefully someone will return back to me..

p/s:sorry i didnt mean to mad at you..
forgive me chenta..

heart to heart:
to express my feeling is really hard and sometimes i love to be a silent person..
ok,imagine what do you feel when a person that u love keep talking about his classmate..
hey AR if you think that 'she' nice and can make you happy what are you waiting for??..
just go and be with her la..
i tired enough to hear all this nonsence story about her..
please la..
try to care about other feeling..annoyed k..
take note please..

sometime you dont realize that every single word you said is killing me..
deep in side k..
sabar manusia pun ada limit..

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