Friday, September 24, 2010


today turn i and 'him' gotong-royong..
sampai demam2 kes habuk byk sgt..
i allergy ngan habuk..
seriously sampai berair hidung n bersin non stop..
but bcoz of him kena gak la..
xlarat tgk habuk byk sgt..
n today syg balik seremban..
like usual i akan sad coz 'beshfriend' i xde..
most of my time i berkepit ngan dia..
he's my boy,love friend,soul and partner..
i dont need other friends as long as he with me..
n rite i miss my syg..
luckly he keeps calling me..
hilang skit miss kat dia..
ok that all for tonite..
stalkers2 cpt baca..

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