Sunday, November 28, 2010

PD with ♥ ones..

26, 27 & 28 November..
Port Dickson..
i really appreciate with all things that you have done to make me happy..
sorry syg for all the wrongdoing before we went there..
he fetch me up early in the morning..
i was a bit surprise..

anyway thank you for spending your time..
i had a wonderful day being with you for 2nite 3day
seremban - puncak alam - seremban - pd..
tired journey he must faced to be with me..
I LOVE U with all my heart syg..
and thanks for be by my side all the time i need you..
although i always push you to do things that you wont do..
but you trying your best to make me smile and fulfill my order..
being with you make my life brightness
and completeness..
you such a great lover for me syg..
glad to have you..

some pictures during our's

all his friends say our face look a like..teehee
(mr&mrs. sunshine)

him playing kites..

best shoot..
he trying to put baby crab on his hand..

p/s:there's nothing i can say..
you really amazing and i love you more n more sayang..
i gonna miss the moment we spent during this holiday..
can wait to meet you next week..
hug and kiss from your ..

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