Sunday, November 21, 2010

❤‌ ‌makes the world go round


1st of all this dolls is very cute n make me want to hug..
so,i keep searching and find all the characteristic of all the doo dolls.. check it out.. my 'chenta' and me horoscope.. *wink*wink*

(February 19 -March 20)
A hopeless romantic who views the world with rose-tinted glasses, Cupido's mission in life is to spread the word of love to the world. He can even make two persons fall in love with each other instantly, all with a single beat of his red heart. Consider yourself warned!


Taurus (4/20 - 5/20) Ill-tempered and irritable, Orange Butch doesn't only get angry.. he gets even as well. That being said, his good side does appear once in a while and you will glimpse a soft, delicate soul that is extremely sensitive to touch!


last saturday i went to ikea follow my parents to buy some furniture for my brother room..
and i met my "chenta sy" at OU with his family..
yeeeaaahhh.. happy,happy gak tp kecut perut gak la nk jumpa his mummy..
but luckly everything going smooth..
and my leg skt sgt coz seeking for his car...
and i forgot to snap pic of us...=(
next time k syg..
anyway i love u..

and yesterday..
i went out with sab,am and their frie
i'm alone.. but nevermind..
my 'chenta sy' ask me to get a life..
so here i am... teeeheee...
i went to sunway pyramid n lastly we went to quality hotel..
karaoke time...

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