Monday, November 15, 2010

5th month..

5th month???... every second,minute and hours it seem very hard for us to fix with each other.. sometimes I'm too selfish... almost,wanted him to fulfill my need..listen to my word...follow my rules and direction.. pity to him... before we reach to 5th month,we had small fighting.. I'm the one who hot temper n he like usual try to make me calm.. sorry syg.. i guess u don't deserve deserve a better girl..who can treat you well... There’s too many things that happened between us lately..
I knew we are trying our best to fix everything ..
I still remember the day that I’ve decided to walk away from you, and at that moment I’m glad you were there to stop me and now we are together..
At that time I’m eager to be with you,to build a new relationship with you,to start all over again with the commitment and to live a happy life with you…
i'm too afraid for losing him.. i cant accept it.. and he said i'm crazy.. yes i.m crazy because of you.. can u notice it???..

but that nite was lovely..
he keep studying while i'm waiting for him to finish up all the chapter.. we had watch 9september and even though we already watch it but never mind.. he's said that pierre andre was him.. so cuteee... dear ngai... i love u with all my heart..deep inside you're the one that i need.. i appreciate all the things u scarifice for me... and thanks to GOD that i found u.. sory for wrongdoing i always make.. sory for always shout at you.. sory for never try to understand how u feel.. sory for be a stubborn gurl.. p/s:for any gurls out there can u stop from disturbing other people relationship.. can u just get lost and find our own life.. or if u already have someone can u please take a good care of our bf???... please la... dont let me get u..

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