Wednesday, June 30, 2010


hallo....i dah lama x update my blog...huhu...i'm quite busy with my life...doing shortcourse n working as a part time worker for 1 month sgt la memenatkan n no life....nk update blog pun jd malas...ok today i nk story about 1 guy yg i br je kenal..kenal pun through fb...see how importantnya fb ni..ok,let me start with da introduction..this guy actually friend kepada my friend..this guy jugak actually xsuka i...i dunno bcoz of what reason..i xkenal and xpernah chatting pon ngan dia..yg i tau dia wujud bcoz we are in da same faculty..but he's taking marketing n i human resource..i dunno why i must add him at fb(tgn gatal).. tp xslhkan tu gunanya fb...'stay connected'..gagaga...yg wat i suprise sgt 2 i x expect yg dia akan tegur i kat fb chatting..ingatkan dia 2 baik tp wrong judgement..huhu...blh la plak dia 'fire' i ngan ckp i mcm2..mmg berapi la gak tp i dah biasa kot kena kutuk..that's normal for me..n bcoz of this reason i choose not to be friends with any person..i hate him...n i just ignore him for a while sbb marah yg sgt2 ni...a few week later he try to be nice with me..he keep buzz me..n at that time i really need someone to talk n share my sadness story..something happen to me & my friend...huhu...story begin when i ask him for ym u know fb chatting sometime like shittttttt...always stuck n hard to use..we communicate through ym and i keep waiting for him to on9 without his notification...actually i started to like him..n bcoz of dia jarang on9 dia pon bg no phone...i keep thinking whether i should text him or just simpan his no..nati nampak sgt i ni desperate...after 1 hour i pon msg..huhu...selang 2 hari br kitaorg usual i ni mmg la talkative..even br kenal mmg i suka berckp n bebel non stop..habit la katakan..huhu..i really appreciate for knowing him...hopefully he will remain da same person as i know rite now n onward..he's always there when i need him...teman untuk makan...watching movie..msg(as i mention i love to keep in touch with u through msg bcoz eventhough we are far away but when u reply my text it's mean that u are here with me all da time syg but u hate it..lazy bumbum..), calling(hate it bcoz my voice damn horrible.. ='( ), and lastly spend all da time during stdying n lepaking..u make me feel save when u are around me muncitttt....i remember da time when tayar kete i pancit,if u xde that time i sure blurrr...huhu...luckly u ada..superman!!!!...thankyou...n rite now i miss u..cant wait to meet u..~i heart u~

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