Tuesday, June 8, 2010

hati sakit,kecewa,sedih,kecundang n sekutunya..

8hb..everything getting worse...is it because of my emotional or jealous????..yes maybe..smua dah berakhir...THANKYOU...tp sy nk awk tau yg awk selalu dihati sy...bkn senang sy nk lupakan seseorg..please return him to me GOD...huhuhu..yg mampu sy lakukan bersabar...arapkan everything will be ok..& hope he will realized that i always like & love him..now i wont distrub him..try to give some space for him...no more msg..ngedate..i must pretend that i'm ok..i miss him..time can change everything but i will remain da same person as u know for da 1st time we meet..i wont forget all da moment we use to spend together..started 21.04 ~ 8.05.2010...

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