Sunday, October 17, 2010

coretan hati...

waiting for him to come here s.alam..
as he's promise to me today is the day he will come and meet me..
and 1 weeks for us to study and final exam will come soon..
hopefully KAMI blh jwb exam dengan sempurna..
syg stdy hard and smart k..
i will always support from the back..
3days without him..
syg went back to seremban..
but i willing to survive without him..
luckly sab ada menemankan sy..
shopping di OU and karaoke di NEWY sampai jam 4am..
fun ok..
now me and him kurang msg just calling je if ada important thing nk distorykan..
and semestinya yg slalu call adalah dia sbb pe je yg dibuatnya mesti direportkn kat sy..
thankyou ngai..
sometimes msg slalu pun xtau nk ckp pe..
sbb hari2 jumpa n duduk skali...
the important thing,i must put my trust on him..
syg jgn wat hal a good boy to me..

a bit suprise is suddenly my ex text me..
sory la megat there's no space for u in my heart now..
so please get lost...


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